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    Common causes and solutions for electronic scales browse: 1308 update:2018/8/24 21:06:35
        Electronic scales are often used in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, food ingredients, scientific research, experiments, etc. The accuracy requirements of this product are relatively high, the maximum range is not more than g, the precision is between the specification and mg, so the commercial scale for electronic scales The environmental requirements are relatively high, but in the course of daily use, the product will still cause errors. Today, Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction to the common errors and solutions of electronic scales. I hope to help everyone!
    Electronic scale common errors and solutions:
    The cause of error one: the reason for the error of the four corners of the balance
    The four-corner error is mostly caused by the imbalance of placement. However, according to the relevant system of the National Bureau of Weights and Measures, the weighing objects can be placed at different positions on the weighing plate. The results should be roughly the same, and a certain amount is allowed. Deviation, this value is the maximum four-corner error.
    Solution: We can measure the balance according to the weight of one-third of the full scale of the scale and the one-third of the radius of the weighing pan, and reduce the error according to the sensor and assembly.
    The second cause of error: the linear error of the balance
    According to the measurement, the amplification amount of the electronic scale itself does not change linearly with the display value, but there is a deviation, that is, a linear error, so that improper operation may cause an increase in the linearity error of the balance.
    Solution: Here is a small series to remind everyone that this linear error can not be completely avoided, we can only choose components with small linear error coefficient to make the error as small as possible.

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