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    Yongkang Hualitai Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. tells you the use of weighing instruments browse: 1319 update:2018/8/24 21:17:40
    Weighing machine, an instrument that weighs the weight of an object, such as a scale, and an equal degree.
    Weighing instruments are widely used in industries, agriculture, commerce, scientific research, medical and health departments. Weighing instruments use the principle of lever balance of Hooke's law or force to measure the mass of objects.
    The scale is mainly composed of a load-bearing system (such as a weighing pan), a force transmission conversion system (such as a lever force transmission system) and an indication system (such as a dial). According to the structural principle, the scales can be divided into three categories: mechanical scales, electronic scales, and electromechanical combined scales. Mechanical scales are divided into lever scales and spring scales.
    Non-automatic scales and automatic scales are divided by measurement. Its main varieties include balances, bar scales, case scales, platform scales, ground scales, floor scales, track scales, belt scales, postal scales, crane scales, batching scales and bag scales. The focus of the development of the scale is the electronic scale. The use of modern technologies such as program control, group control, teleprinting, and screen display makes the instrument fully functional and efficient.

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